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Mike Young, President
Mr. Young has over 37 years of experience in the construction, operation and maintenance of wastewater collection, water production and distribution systems, associated buildings, and structures, with 17 of those years with the City of Prescott. Mr. Young has extensive knowledge of design review, project planning and budgeting. He has a strong background in construction means and methods related to municipal facilities. Mr. Young has been with the Fann organization for 9 years.
Bea Coons, Accounting Manager
Ms. Coons has over 34 years of experience in office administration with 12 of those spent in the accounting field. Ms. Coons has an Associates Degree in Accounting from Yavapai College. She is in charge of all account payables and receivables, blue stake requests, employee insurance and reimbursements, timesheet and payroll tracking, vendor invoices, credit card payments, and monthly project cost reports. Ms. Coons has been with FE for 6 years.

Kirby Boxberger, Certified Water Plant Manager
Mr. Boxberger has 13 years of experience as a certified water specialist. He has a diversified background in water science with extensive experience in management and business relationships. He received his certification as a Water Specialist and immediately began working for a Water Users Association, as the General Manager securing a grant and low interest loans for development. He has experience in water treatment technology, including municipal, association owned, commercial and residential. Mr. Boxberger has been involved with water plant start-ups, establishing operating procedures, chemistry, operation changes and training. Mr. Boxberger joined FE in February 2011.

Jim Muylle, Chief Plant Operator
Mr. Muylle has over 34 years of experience working in the water/wastewater field as an Operations Manager. He has extensive experience in preparing both State and Federal reports, budgeting and tracking operating costs; sampling testing and reporting for quality assurances. Mr. Muylle currently holds a Grade 4 certification Operation and Collection; as well as a Grade 3 Water Distribution and Treatment certification. Mr. Muylle has been with the Fann organization for 8 years.
Gary Steinmetz, General Superintendent
Mr. Steinmetz is a superintendent with over 53 years of experience in industrial and heavy construction including mechanical work, quality control, constructability review, coordinating and supervising subcontractors, estimating, and material take-off and ordering. He has been with the Fann organization for 34 years.
Meet the Fann Environmental Team
Gary D. Regnier, Electrical, Controls Manager
Mr. Regnier has 40 years of experience in the electrical construction field. Having graduated from the Jackson Area Vocation Technical School in 1973 he went on to qualify and obtain his A-Journeyman Electrical License after working in the field for four years on various projects throughout southern Minnesota. Mr. Regnier has owned and operated his own electrical company for over 30 years working throughout Phoenix, Prescott and Minnesota. He possesses extensive skills and knowledge of electrical industry, as well as working with customers, suppliers, employees and accounting practices.
As the Electrical Controls Manager for Fann Environmental, Mr. Regnier is responsible for all electrical estimating for all projects bidding, Project Superintendent for electrical phases of projects, troubleshooting, and repair of electrical issues for existing projects and facilities. Mr. Regnier joined FE in October 2011.
Patty McAfee, Office Manager and Executive Assistant
Ms. McAfee has over 31 years of experience in the office administration field. Ms. McAfee has an Executive Secretary degree from Alaska Business College. She has extensive experience in office administration, word processing and desktop publishing. She is also in charge of human resources, office purchasing, bid documents, contracts, subcontracts, purchase orders, project billing, and employee training class scheduling. Ms. McAfee has been with Fann Environmental for 8 years.